Danny Setiawan

UX Coach, Instructor, Speaker


15+ years of experience in product design field that ranges from hands-on role to putting in place and optimizing a UX practice (hiring, coaching and establishing processes). Danny has managed various sizes of teams (up to 17 people) and worked with established brands such as The Economist, Yahoo! and Microsoft as well as startups like GeoCV, Navigine and Contently.


UX Lead for Mobile at The Economist , UXD Instructor at General Assembly and Product & UX mentor for startups.




Danny has an exceptional skill of asking the right questions to understand what you or your customers REALLY want. He listens, and puts the core information into a systematic picture. As a mentor for a startup Danny understood the significance of deadlines and was eager to help even on a Sunday evening. Danny is a gem for any company that wants to listen to its customers and transform the learnings into a useful product.

Anton Yakubenko, Co-Founder & CEO, GeoCV

I recently participated in a UXD class that Danny was leading at General Assembly, in 2015.

In that 6 months, I learn't the general principles of UXD in such a way that it allowed me to take what I learned that night & use it at work the very next day. Not only was it very practical, but Danny's style of teaching was engaging & influencing. The course structure was well thought through & presented in an interesting way, with care and forethought given to the practical aspects of the course. It was a really engaging subject area & that's one of the things that's so remarkable about Danny. He demonstrates not only mastery for his chosen domain but also the ability to share his excitement for the subject matter with his students.

This rare mix of knowledge and excitement sets a great example for the rest of the teaching team and explains why everyone loved coming to class. I certainly miss going to class & chatting with him & my fellow students.

Sue Bolton, Senior Director of Product Management, McGraw-Hill Education

I had the privilege of working with Danny at The Economist on various projects, in particular involving mobile products.

What I really appreciated about Danny is his creativity and his design thinking which is essential to UX. His deep understanding of customers needs and stakeholders goals along with the ability to look at the big picture allow him to create new ideas, always striving for functional - yet innovative - solutions.

He's also an experienced designer and has a good knowledge of front-end dev. These skills were particularly helpful in a project where we needed to create UX/Design and prototype the product in quick iterative cycles.

I found Danny a passionate mentor. He's keen to support his colleagues and interns, giving clear advice and reviewing their work in an effective way.

Active member of the UX community, I would definitely recommend Danny as a great addition to any User Experience team

Sara Stangalini, Lead UX Consultant, ORM

Danny and I worked closely together during the development of several important product releases for Yahoo! Finance. His talent, speed, and attention to detail were critical in helping us release innovative and customer-centric products.

Despite his user-orientation, Danny also has a strong understanding of the need to balance the wants of the consumer with the wants of the business. He understands the limitations of the medium and that trade-offs are sometimes necessary. He is quick to suggest alternative options and turns the required assets around very quickly.

On top of all this, Danny has a very cheerful demeanor and maintained this always, in spite of the tight release schedules and shifting requirements that come with any web-related release. I would happily work with Danny again anytime, anywhere

Julie London, Senior Web App Engineer, Walt Disney Studios

As we got close to launching Yahoo! for Teachers beta site, Danny was brought in to help us with design concepts both visually and interactively. I really enjoyed working with Danny. He was full of fresh ideas and really open to the back and forth collaboration necessary in designing something new. In this role he was not just tweaking our ideas but pitching and design new ways to think about the structure of the site and the interactions within the site. He also supported our user testing by very fast (within the hour) turnarounds for the prototypes to support rapid iteration testing.

Danny is a very talented web designer that I would thoroughly enjoy working with again. I highly recommend him!

Bill Scott, VP, Next Gen Commerce, PayPal

Danny was my instructor for the UX Design course at General Assembly. It was one of the best, and certainly my most favorite, learning experiences I've ever had. He successfully engaged and challenged the students to work together and support each other as we learned about UX history, theory, and methodology through the lens of his many years in the industry. Danny also made himself available to answer questions outside of class as well and his leadership and kindness helped me believe in myself, stay on track, and ultimately land a job doing what I love. Any company, school, or community would be lucky to have him on their team

Jonah Tozman, Information Architect, Hook & Loop

Danny is a very talented and creative designer. He has a very strong work ethic, works very hard, is very dedicated to his work and is very honest. His strengths lie in the ability to listen to customer requirements and design needs and to develop those business requirements into an amazing design. His attention to detail, style and creative art is impeccable. He is also a great asset to any team. He brings many things to the table beside his design skills. His communication and openness to solving problems are all valuable traits. I highly recommend Danny and would be willing to provide a verbal recommendation for him

Emmanuel Szabados, Scrum Master, Contently

Danny is a deeply customer focused designer with great visual design skills. Danny does a great job applying what he learns to ensure that the user has both a positive experience and is guided appropriately. He is able to do this because he makes sure to understand the core purpose of the work and to partner effectively with the developers. In addition Danny brings a positive attitude and strong focus on quality which improves every team of which he is a member.

Stanton Fish, Database Marketing Director at Advance Digital

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