Relative ROI Calculator

Simple tool to help Product Owner prioritize product backlog

Add 2 or more user stories then compare the Relative ROI points.

User story or Epic

Keep it short; just enough for your team to know what it is. (i.e. Resize profile picture)

Metrics to improve

Not sure what these are? Listen/watch Dave McClure's explanation : Startup Metrics for Pirates

Expected improvement

Most stories fall under 1 - 2x. If it's for something new that's part of the core user task, choose 10x.

% of users affected

Frequency of use case

Story Points

The cost of completing this user story. Story points is in fibonacci provided by you Scrum team (i.e. from planning poker)



Story Metrics to improve Expected improvement Use case Cost (in story pts) Rel ROI pts  


to determine the order of user stories that the Scrum team should work on first (top of backlog) by calculating the highest impact based on
  1. business metrics (based on Dave McClure's Pirate's metrics)
  2. customer experience (based on Dr. David Travis' Red Route Analysis) and
  3. technical effort (story points)
.Similar concept as planning poker, the idea is to have relative ordering, hence the name Relative ROI point. Read more...
  1. PO uses this tool independently to prepare for Scrum Sprint Planning meeting (or backlog grooming session)
  2. Workshop led by PO & Scrum Master using this tool to prioritize the backlog as a team.
Outcome and output
  • Everybody in the team will be aligned on what's important (high value) and why
  • Prioritized user stories that you can download as an excel file to retain the information generated by this tool.